The Environmental Leadership Program

The Environmental Leadership Program is for people who are passionate about environmental issues and want to make a difference.

Participants choose from a range of projects that match their interests and inclinations.

Getting started …

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Project Ideas …
When you participate in the Environmental Leadership Program you may choose a project that matches your skills and interests. Those projects include …

  • Healthy Waterways
  • Rain Gardens
  • Forestry
  • Monarch Waystations
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Native Plants
  • Outdoor Education

Communication skills …

In addition to hands-on environmental skills, you will also hone your communication skills such as …

  • Live presenting
  • Community engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Social media development
  • Website development

You will pursue questions such as  …

  • How can we engage our community in important work that they would enjoy … if they only knew about it?
  • How can we leverage the tremendous range of digital communication tools available to us today?
  • How can we motivate people to take action where it matters?

The grounds …

The Earth & Spirit Center is situated on a picturesque 21 acres in urban Louisville. The grounds feature Beargrass Creek, wooded areas and meadows that provide an ideal site for habitat restoration, organic gardening, pollinator studies and wetlands restoration.

Getting started …

To get started please click on Getting Started.